Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Waiting!!

Yesterday was Krystal's due date, and still no baby. Although it's fairly normal for a first pregnancy to go over the due date. I remember being exactly where she is. I was 5 days over due with her..and each day that nothing happens is frustrating but something most mothers know all too well! We are all waiting (as patiently as possible I might add) for that phone call!!

The last 6 weeks have flown by. Sean drives his 'A' this Wednesday then he'll be a full fledged truck driver. Then we need to find him a job driving so we can finally get on with our lives!!!!

Nothing much else is going on right now. I've created a few layouts, but other then that it's been quiet. I'm sure once Sean starts working I'll scrap more, but for right now I'm enjoying the time we have together. If he ends up long haul , it'll be tough for a while until we get used to it. We've seen each other pretty much every single day for 17 having him gone will be an adjustment. But like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I'm sure we'll make the best of the situation. We always do!!

Well, I'm gone....Watching Dancing With The Stars with the family..

have a great night!!!

Keep Smilin' ;)

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