Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rampin up!!!

Busy is an understatement...but it's all good. I've been spending some much needed quality time with Sean.....and all I can say is that I've missed it. I've devoted a lot of time to other projects over the last year, mostly to keep myself pre-occupied during my 'cancer life' but now that's over...and it's time to start living!!

I had a birthday on June 2..I turned'm old..well, maybe not ;) I received a beautiful card in the mail from my friend Christa and two bouquets of flowers from both Dayle and Nicole! Sean and I also celebrated our 13th anniversary on the 6th of June. This is going to sound corny, or maybe even sappy but I still get the butterflies in my tummy like the day I met him, and the day I married him. I swear we get closer each and every single day!

Reece is graduation grade 8 this year, in just 3 weeks. Where have all the years gone?? I'm extremely proud of this girl, she's sooooo amazing. I'm hoping I can get through the graduation ceremony without crying!!

This past Sunday we had a baby shower for my precious grandson.

This is his mom...he's so adorable!!

and here we are...4 generations.

he's such a good baby!!! I'm a very proud grandma, I think my daughter will be an amazing mom!!

and last but not least...what the title of this post means..RAMPIN' UP!

Nicole ( my bestie that is doing the cancer walk with me) and I have ramped up our training. We now walk almost 10 k 3 times a week. We went to a 'step in' clinic to learn how to train properly and the girl told us, that if we could do 20 km's one day, then get up and do 20 the next day we'd be good to go. We both feel so amazing after doing these walks. It feels so good to get out and exercise. I for one never thought I could do something like this, but it's amazing where you find your inspiration from.

OK, I'm done for now. Reece and I are watching the CMT Music Awards...

have a great week!!!

Keep Smilin'


Suzanne said...

I love 4 generation pictures! You are beautiful women! Congratulations...being a grandma is the GREATest! Happy belated birthday! Great job with the walking, I know I feel better when I'm moving!

Chelle said...

Great photos. WOW Great job on your walk, smart to take the clinic. You are amazing.