Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

So...last week Sean did his orientation with the company he's working for . It went from Monday to Thursday. On Thursday Reece went to her orientation for high school. Check this out...

Sean and Reece--> Finish orientation on Thursday
Sean is given his truck --> #363
Reece pics her locker---> #636
Reece's locker is the same colour blue as the numbers on Sean's truck.

Sometimes you just wonder if things were just really meant to happen a certain way!

This weekend is the Weekend To End Women's Cancers in Toronto. It's the walk my girlfriend and I signed up to do. We are walking 60km's and had to raise $2000 each. We are both a wee bit short, but I've both faith that we'll have the money. We sleep in tents Saturday night and apparently the closing ceremonies are amazing. We went to a 'step in' meeting, which basically just outlined the weekend a couple of months back in Barrie. The lady told us of a man the year before, that at the opening ceremonies, he stood there with a pair of running shoes on a tray. He explained that his wife had done this walk the year before, but was no longer with him, as she lost her battle, so he was walking for her, and taking her shoes with him. OMG, the tears started. I can just imagine what'll happen when we are there.

ALSO a fun little tidbit..JOHNNY RIED..
yes the actual JOHNNY RIED has a team in the walk and is walking himself. HOW COOL IS THAT!!

So, that's it for now, this week is all about getting ready for the weekend.

have a good one and


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pajl said...

Congrats on your walk T...xo