Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello You, Me Again

My friend Sue passed away on Saturday afternoon. While I know it's better, she's no longer in pain and unfortunately her last few months were spent in quite a bit of pain , I'm sure she's the newest angel in heaven.

I must admit I lost faith ( although I've never been very religious) when I was diagnosed. I'm not sure if it was just self pity, but I thought that Sean and I had been through and survived more then most couples, so why were we being hit again? I'm thinking it was just so we could appreciate what we did have, which was each other. An online friend Michelle commented on my last post saying that someone once told her that if someone dies young, it's because his/her job here is done and God called them back. It makes perfect sense, but sure doesn't make it easier when it happens.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I re-joined Weight Watchers in July. I needed to be held accountable for my weight loss and so far it's been awesome. I've lost 20 lbs since July and a total of 30 so far ( I'd already lost 10 on my own before joining WW) I have at least 20 more to lose but I'm so pumped. Sean has promised me a trip south next winter if I can lose the weight I want to. I love this believe me, it's going to happen!!!

Sean is loving his job driving truck. He'd love to be home during the week, that's the only part of the job he doesn't like, but for the most part, he does love the rest. It's not bothering his back too much, so we are both quite happy. We are hoping to be back on track with our bills after Christmas. We are still pretty far behind, but working on it and that's what matters.

Speaking of Christmas, it's not very far away...I've started my shopping. I know pretty much what I need to get for most of the people on my list (thank goodness my list is short!!! ) and plan on working on it in the next two weeks and get r' done!!

Anyway...spending the last night with Sean before he heads back out on the road, so I'll have to catch you all later

Remember, live every day like it's your regrets!!

keep smilin'

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Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. But, I am glad she isn't suffering anymore. No, you are right. It sure doesn't make it easier. We are dealing with it here, after losing my FIL to lung cancer in August. It has been a huge loss for our little family. It was what was told to me when our neighbor died at the age of 31, leaving behind two little kids and a wife. Someone had told me that Tom's job here on Earth was done. I don't see how it could of been. He was so young. He was also a very giving soul.

I am sending up positive thoughts and hope they don't find anything on your MRI that you have to have!! Hang in there.. hugs!!