Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That's it...Done

Well, it's been quite a while since I started this blog. It was a place for me to vent for the most part to no body or any body that would listen. Most of the time it was to people that I wasn't personally connected to. Unfortunately that has changed and it seems now I no longer have the freedom to speak about whatever I want without it apparently affecting some people in my personal life.

My thoughts are that if I wanted these certain people to know what I type here, I'd tell them..plain and simple, and believe me the last thing I need is a bunch of text messages telling me I should be doing this or that and wanting to know details when that person isn't even a part of my life, just because someone else is.

Bottom line, I can't comfortably post whatever I want for fear of who might read it.

I realize I made this blog public, but believe me never thought I'd have to 'deal' with it on a personal level I guess. I could make it private, which is an option. If you are interested in still reading it , let me know and I think about making it private.

I'm sure we all have things we just want to say without worrying about it being misunderstood, or having someone we really don't want to read it, read it.

Sean was and still is my #1 sounding board, but with him now on the road, it makes it tough. The last thing I want to do is vent to him while he's driving in bad weather or in the US. It costs us so much to communicate while he's across the boarder, and this was my place to fill that void when he couldn't do it for me.

Anyway, I fear now I'm babbling...It's been fun..and like I said, if you are interested, I'll consider making it private for those that care

Until then

Keep Smilin'


Chelle said...

Hugs darling...you know I still want to read about your life, your ups and your downs. It is good to have some place to vent and if others take things too personal...you know what I think.

Michelle said...

Hugs!!! I too agree that it is good to have a place to vent. I like having this to know how you are. I hope it wasn't me that upset you!!!

VaryScrappy said...

T~you should be allowed to have a place to vent and not worry about what others have to say. If they don't like what you blog, then they don't need to read it. I like reading your blog chickie.

Jenn said...

It sucks that you can't use your blog the way you want. I enjoy reading about your life.

sammy said...

Well I think you should keep posting those who choose to blow things out of proportion need to grow up .This is a place for you to vent and tell your life story. For those that want to follow you through your journey in life. Because you don't want to bother me while I am on the road you have listeners here to take my place and I am thankful for that. Keep posting and to those that can't deal with the issues as an adult. Screw them

Love your hubby

Anonymous said...

He is right....it is your right and our privilege to read what you say. Those who don't like it do not have to follow. Remember we are here, always. S is right....screw them!

tania said...

I enjoy your blog. I hope you keep posting. If you stop, you're giving power to the people who are putting you down, and they don't deserve that power.

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