Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back Again - Did ya miss me?

Guess who? Yep, I'm back again. I'm hardly ever on my computer and typing out large posts on my phone is a pain in the butt...but I have time today to post from work so here I am.

Krystal is no longer pregnant :( There were just too many issues and complications with regards to genetics so she chose to end the pregnancy. The baby wouldn't have had any quality of life :( We found out through testing he would be missing 127 genes :( It's so sad...and something I don't ever wish on anyone. Because of how far along she was she had to be induced and delivery a stillborn. It was a long night, I stayed with her in the hospital. So sad :(

Remember the story about the friends of ours that no longer talk to us because she was unfaithful? Well they still don't. I guess the friendship is officially over. I sent Kevin a text message, but didn't get a response, then I sent Dayle one and didn't get a response their either. That's ok...I gave it my best shot. I'm not sure how not talking to us will prevent her from screwing around on him again...after all this isn't the first time she's done it with the same guy. She should consider herself lucky that Kevin loves her that much to stick by her. Must be tough with him being a truck driver but I guess they are making it work. All things happen for a reason and I guess sometimes you just have to accept that there wasn't a friendship there in the first place. Too bad really, Dayle and I have known each other since high school.

2013 is going to be an awesome year...I can feel it. Sean and I are finally working on our house, getting the renovations started. I think shortly after Christmas we will buy the flooring for the kitchen and get that done. We are finally getting back on track financially too. I have my yearly mammogram scheduled for April and just a couple weeks ago we finally got a new doctor, only 20 minutes from home and he's awesome. Reece and I met him and both really like him. I think he's dutch but so down to earth.

Christmas is sooooooo close, and I'm excited. I'm almost done my shopping, with any luck I'll be done in the next few days. I know pretty much what I have to get, just a matter of getting it. Noah is going to be so much fun this year. He's such a smart kid, picks up on everything and watches everything around him. I can't wait for the photo op's!

Well, gotta run...

Keep Smilin'

Friday, October 26, 2012

yayyyyy It's Friday

I love Friday's , likely because I don't go into my regular job. I do have a few things to get done today..I now have my business cards in two real estate offices, and am going to a 3rd today. I'm also going to work on an ad in the local paper. I'm so pumped to get this new career off the ground. I've been a bit lax since I got my mortgage agent licence but mainly because I didn't have the money to proceed with advertising etc. Gotta have money to make money they say- I wonder who 'they' are!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? At first I wasn't, didn't need yet another 'thing' to keep me preoccupied on the computer, but then Krystal sent me an invitation to join so I thought, ok ok I'll check it out. I asked some friends a bit ago if they ever go back and use any of the things they've pinned, and for the most part they said no. I kind of chuckled as at that point I hadn't used anything I've pinned either, but last Friday, I did.
I was checking it out and came across an very tasty recipe for pulled taco chicken in the crock pot. I decided to make it that day and wow, it was awesome!! It's would be fairy healthy too (depending on what you do with it afterward). It was just boneless skinless chicken breast, a package of Taco seasoning (I used Epicure's) and salsa...when it's cooked pull it all apart and serve on tortillas. It was awesome!!

A small update with my health for ya.

I found a small lump a few months back on the left promptly had things checked out. I had a few tests to complete including a needle biopsy with my surgeon to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about. I'm glad to report it was nothing, just dense tissue. I am still 100% , and am now being checked yearly every April!!

I think I had mentioned way back when I was in active treatment that a good friend of mine was also in treatment at the same time. It was her second bout with lymphoma...everything was going great too. We both finished our treatments around the same time and it was looking good. Well, she started having health issues, which included a really bad dose of shingles. Apparently shingles are quite coming after chemo but no one bothered to tell either of us. There is something they can give cancer patients to help prevent them but Joan wasn't given that. Long story short, she ended up having a stroke because of it, and even then started to recover but things just weren't right. Well after a long battle with just about everything you could throw at this woman, she lost her battle a couple of months ago. She was one of the most caring women I know...was there for everyone that needed anything. I still have her emails that we shared during our treatments. She was only in her early 50's and has left behind a wonderful husband and 5 kids. Two are step kids, three are hers with the  youngest 2 being 11 year old twins. Sad and just not fair.

Well, I should run and get ready and get this to do list covered...

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never a dull moment...

So, here I am again....there never seems to be a dull moment, although lately I've been hoping for some. Here's the scoop...
Krystal ( my oldest) is pregnant..due April 2nd. She had a routine NT screening (Nuchal Translucency screening) which measure the amount of fluid on the back of the babies neck. The maximum the doctors want to see is a reading of 3.5 mm...Krystal's baby is 7.2mm. So , they wanted to do more testing, because this type of reading can mean a chromosomal issue such as Downs syndrome or Turners syndrome. There are 5 common chromosomal issues actually. SOOOO we went off to Toronto to North York General to see a geneticist. They did an amniocentesis to test the baby for different issues. They immediately test for the 5 most common and in two days called her to say it wasn't one of those. That was the first bit of good news. Then they sent her for an echo cardiogram of the baby's heart at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto as this type of reading could also have meant a congenital heart defect. That test we went for on Monday, and were told that even though it's a couple weeks earlier then what they'd like to do this test, everything with the babies heart looks good, no defect but they've scheduled her for another echo of the baby's heart on November 5th, because the baby will be that much bigger so they'll get a better look. In the mean time, the genetics department continue to test the amniotic fluid for other chromosome issues. We had an appointment today to get the results of that. What they've found is that there is a partial deletion to chromosome 7 so today her and the baby's daddy had to get a blood test to see if either of them also have the deletion in the 7th chromosome. They are also sending her amniotic fluid to a place in Seattle Washington for extensive testing. Basically how they described it to us today was, that if you look at your chromosomes like an encyclopedia, some could be missing half, or some might just have a few pages missing. This baby has a few pages missing ( which means gene's) so hopefully the place in Seattle will be able to test to see 'What pages are missing' which will hopefully tell us what exactly the issue is with the baby. It could still be normal, but because her initial reading was 7.5mm, they are quite concerned. We are still hoping for the best. The 'pages missing' could be anything from normal to a slight learning disability, to something much more serious.
OH, and without a doubt it's another boy so we are really hoping it's nothing to serious.

Krystal also had tummy cramps yesterday which she found out were caused by a kidney infection which can be quite serious too, so she's on antibiotics for that but has to be careful and take it easy, but with Noah, at 17 months and full of piss and vinegar LOL that's hard to do. He's such a good baby, but busy...and smart. She took him for his first eye checkup and the optician was amazed at his hand eye coordination. If he sees a piece of paper, and you tell him to put it into the garbage he will. Krystal was telling me today, that he saw money on the table at her place, so he grabbed it, crumpled it up and toss it in the trash LOL
If you tell him to put something back where he got it he does. He's such a doll!

It also appears that I've lost a couple friends this week, although I use the term friend loosely. I've known these ladies for over 10 years. We met online through scrapbooking and have met quite a few times in person to do all weekend crops. We've also met here and there just for short visits if the opportunity presented itself. Well, there was a complete misunderstanding a couple years ago with one of these ladies who read something on my blog, took it upon herself to think I was referring to her. I told her it had nothing to do with her, she told me flat out she didn't believe me and that was that. Ok, so c'est la vie....things happen. I have continued to be friends with the rest of the group. Well this past weekend, these ladies all got together at the first ladies house (the one that misinterpreted the blog post) I'm happy for them. Since Sean started trucking, I don't make too many weekend plans, because that's basically the only time I get to see him. For years I've heard these ladies say how glad they are to be away from their husbands and kids for a weekend, I'm not the same. I relish the time I have. I thought they understood. We could go months without any actual communication but we were all friends on facebook so I'd see updates every now and then and I'm sure they would see mine. Well, this past weekend two of these 'friends' deleted me from Facebook. Now as childish as that seems, I did contact them both to ask why. One explanation was that 'were we really friends to begin with' and the other was that I haven't personally contacted this person in that deems us not friends. The last person has my sister on facebook as well as a couple scrapbook celebrities...both of which I know she's not had contact with in months, years if ever but yet, I'm the one she chooses to delete. My new saying C'est La Vie. It does still amaze me that at 40+ years that these ladies are they still act like immature teenagers. Funny, the communication highway I thought went both ways but apparently not. Neither of these ladies sent me messages when Sean broke his hip which I'm sure they must have noticed on their stories, I don't buy them. I think about all that I've been through, all Sean's been through and all Krystal is still going through and I'm grateful to have my family and my real true friends..not phony friends. I have friends on facebook that I've never met, only online through scrapbooking and they are obviously my friends without conditions...and that's just the way I like it!!

Reece went to visit a friend tonight that's in the hospital. Sad really, she's 15 years old and swallowed some pills wanting to end her life. Had dad found her and she was givin the charcoal to difuse the pills. I just don't get how someone at that age can think their life isn't worth living, but I guess it happens. She has just arrived home, so I'm going to go and chat with her now, see what she's thinking and how she's feeling.

Have a great night :)

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where do I start...

Wow, I know I've been slacking in the blog department, but in all fairness my computer has been having issues ( needs to be cleaned as I'm sure I've got a virus) and typing out a big thing on my phone is a I'm sneaking in here from work to update.

My last post was in here's a little update on what's been happening since May.

For starters, a friend of mine confided in me after a few glasses of wine that she was having an affair on her husband, also a friend of ours. I told Sean about it because #1..I was dumbfounded that this was happening as we were always led to believe their 'lives' were perfect and #2..I don't hide things from Sean and this was no exception. We both told her on numerous occasions that she needed to decide what she was going to do and do it. It wasn't fair to either her husband or the other guy to be doing this. We both knew that no matter how this would end, it wouldn't end well. We didn't tell her husband what was going on because even though he is a friend too, we didn't feel it was our place to 'step in'

Well her husband found out because on Father's Day while eating their supper, the 'boyfriend' called the house and told her husband what was going on. I guess he too was fed up with waiting for her to make a decision. After this happened, the husband started talking to Sean, he needed a friend to lean on and that's exactly was Sean was. We knew that if the husband found out we knew, he'd be even more devastated so we didn't tell him. Sean never revealed anything to him, but just gave him a sounding board and gave him as much advice as he could. The wife told the husband that she'd broke up with the boyfriend 3 weeks prior to this phone call. I have proof that this isn't the truth either, but have not said anything to the husband as if yet.

So, back to June...on June 10th Sean fell and broke his hip. Just when the light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter BAM. We certainly know how to deal with what life throws us, so after a 5 day stay in the hospital , Sean was able to come home and recover there. There was no surgery involved, just taking it easy and letting it heal on it's own. He's almost back to 100% now. mix two stories together..on the Wednesday Sean was in the hospital which was 4 days before Fathers Day, my friend asked if she could stop in to the hospital with her boyfriend to meet us. I told her NO, that Sean wasn't up for meeting people in the pain he was in. NOW....that was only 4 days before the boyfriend called the husband and let him know what was going on, to which the wife informed the husband that she had broke it off 3 weeks prior.

Anyway, LONG STORY short.....the affair continued after the phone call but a few weeks later, the boyfriend showed up at our friends house, after the wife went to work and told the husband every single detail of the affair including that both Sean and I knew about it. Now, the husband won't speak to either one of us...I would imagine he feels betrayed as do we. I've had the occasion to have a couple chats with the boyfriend....only because the wife gave him my phone # and he's filled me in on quite a few things. I'm not sure whether to believe it all, but even if I believe 50% she was even lying to me, so why she bothered to even tell me in the first place is beyond me, but I can tell you I wish she hadn't. But everything happens for a reason. I can understand that her husband feels betrayed by us not telling him but I'm not sure what the right way to go about this would have been.

What ticks me off now about this situation is that my friend told me they are working on their marriage and concentrating on each other which is why they haven't talked to us much. Funny thing is, we seem to be the only set of friends they are ignoring. We know for a fact that the husband talks to other mutual friends and that they go camping with other friends so even that story is a lie, I'm not really sure my 'friend' would know the truth if it bit her in the ass. Nothing we can do about it, except live and learn. I'm not even sure if put into this situation what path we'd choose...I am thinking either way it would have ended the same..with the loss of two friends, or people we assumed were friends.

SOOOOOOOOOOO back to Sean..he's healing nicely and is feeling much better. He's scheduled for an MRI in September then the doc will give him the OK to return to work which is awesome. A friend of ours has offered him a job, which if it works out is all Ontario work (no more huge phone bills) and home guaranteed every Friday night for the weekend. The money is actually better then the long haul too so we are hoping it'll work out.

I had my mammogram a couple months ago too, I had found another small lump in the left side, but after some tests it's been regarded as just 'dense' tissue that's good. Of course they're keeping a close eye on me, but for now I'm still cancer free..TWO YEARS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little more then two weeks to go and I'll be participating in the Weekend To End All Womens Cancers in Toronto. This is my second year and likely my last. It's sad to say, but the first year lots of people sponsored me because I guess with me recently going through it, people donated quite freely. I also think times are getting tougher for people which I can  understand too.

OHHHHHH more news.... My daughter Krystal is pregnant again....Noah turned 1 in May and she's due in March. How exciting, another grand baby!!

So, I think that's pretty much all the important stuff...for now.

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CKC baby!!!!!!!

Wow, It's been a while...been busy I guess. I"m helping my daughter with her son, my grandson. I pick him up every day and take him back to her house so someone can watch him unil he goes to bed. She's on a shift 4-12..not very convenient but I'm so proud of her for going to work to try and make a life for her and Noah.

I'm leaving tomorrow for CKC in Buffalo. I've never done anything like this before. Sean told me I need to do something for myself. I still feel guilty though. I always have when it comes to me. We are actually starting to come out of the mess we ended up in the last few years. THANK GOODNESS!

Thank you to ALL of you that have stuck by me, gave me wishes, hugs, have no idea how you've helped me through all of this.

I'll try to keep up with my blog...I do enjoy writing down my thoughts and I am glad that some of you enjoy reading them....there is lots to talk about, but just don't have the time tonight..

Have a great weekend :) :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scrap~tures NSD Blog Hop

To take part, all you need to do is visit each of the blogs in the order given. If you happened upon my blog, please go to the beginning and join in the fun!!
We are sure that you will be inspired by what you will see. Our design team has been hard at work! Leave a comment on all 5 blogs and then return to the Scraptures blog and post a comment that you have completed the blog hop. Choose any design team members take on the sketch that inspires you & scrap-lift it. Post it on our Facebook page in the album provided, in our gallery or on your own blog and add it to the Linky party below by Monday, May 7 at 7 pm for a chance to win a prize!

Here is our blog hop order...
And then back to

Now on to the hop.....

Here is Creative Scrappers Sketch #42

And here's my take on the sketch

For this layout, I used the February 2012 Scrap~tures Kit - ECHO PARK - YOURS TRULY
with the exception of the white cardstock, chipboard bracket, glimmer mist, ribbon and pearls.

Now, onto the next blog

Happy Hopping!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another step in life...

Sean has been a truck driver since August..and it's never been good money but it was a start. Through a bit of a fluke, he's been hired by another company with a significant pay increase. Not that we'll get rich quick or anything, but we might be able to dig ourselves out of our hole a little quicker. The company is closer..and while he won't be able to bring the truck home, they are only 20 minutes from it's not a huge deal. It's more money, more respect..and it just feels good. We are excited..this is gonna be good for us!!!
There hasn't been a lot happening otherwise..we are trying to struggle along with life...for the most part it's all good. We've never let money or the lack of it infiltrate our lives.
I spent Friday night at ScrapFest with Christa. awesome was this. I helped her out when she got busy then I wandered around when she wasn't. She's going next year and I SOOOOOOOO wanna come with her and help even more. It was cool. I wandered around a bit...but I have so much I couldn't given our financial situation even think about buying too much. I did however spend $50 on a cuttlebug die and a cricut cartridge..awesome deals!!
Heading to bed..hope all is blog seems to have falling by the wayside..but it's something I've added to my list of to do's...and with any luck I'll keep this updated.
Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another 'New' adventure

SOOOOOOOOOO Reece has her very first PAYING part time job. It's at our local Foodland grocery store. She's already done a 2 hour training period. I'm so excited for her. We've already discussed the savings account etc...and she's so on board with it all.

Krystal moved on the weekend into a house with 3 of her friends. She has her own room (with Noah) and the house is just 2 years old. Beautiful hardwood floors and carpet in the bedrooms. I'm so excited and happy for her. Noah started daycare with a woman I've known for years...and apparently loves it which makes it much easier for both Krystal and myself.

Life is all about new things and seems to be never ending lately in our lives.

Sean left Sunday at noon this week and for some reason I had a hard time with it. Shed a few tears...I thought after 6 months I wouldn't miss him as much as I do, but I guess that'll never change. Most weeks have been good...but this week was really tough. I'll be ok, and he's back in Ontario tonight so I can talk to him and text him all I want without any cost. Maybe that makes the difference. He was going to the states almost immediately..which I think bugged me because we don't communicate much when he's in the states, we can''s too expensive. I get butterflies knowing he's coming back across the border. We send each other emails while he's gone. Because of data roaming charges he never gets mine and I don't get his...until he crosses. Well about 10 minutes before he crosses he gets the Canadian provider and I get his emails. It's like Christmas morning..I get the emails and then I know he's almost across the border and I swear, the butterflies in my tummy are doing 360 donuts!!!

Anyway....must head to bed...wake up every morning with a smile, don't ever take anything or anyone for is just way too KEEP SMILIN'

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What a trooper!!

OK, so we all brag about our kids..but I'm telling you..I have such an incredible 14 year old girl..yep, I said 14. NO she is not a typical teenager. This girl is absolutely amazing. Monday night in the middle of the night Reece woke up twice , sick to her tummy. We have no idea why, she hadn't' been anywhere but home since the Friday afternoon. The last time she was up was 4:30 an the morning. At 6:45am I woke her asking if she was going to school. For anyone who doesn't know, my youngest is in grade 9..her first year of high school. She has never ever missed a day of school since starting 9 1/2 years ago in kindergarten. Her friends have begged her to skip a class, telling her she can't be perfect forever (which by the way, ticks me off that they aren't supportive. They've been her friends for years)
Back to my When I woke her up on Tuesday morning, she said she had a tummy ache. I said maybe it was from being sick a few hours ago. I gave her some Tylenol and she proceeded to get ready for school. Next thing I know, she's running to the bathroom and throwing up again. I told her I think this will be her first day off school but NOPE...she said she felt much better..but could I drive her to school. The bus is way too bouncy. I stopped at the local coffee shop , because I do every morning and buy my mom & dad their coffee as well as my decaf tea. I jokingly asked her if she wanted anything and she said 'chocolate milk' I said' seriously' she said 'yep, if I'm gonna throw up, might as well drink something yummy first' ...the kid cracks me up
I texted her at lunch time, asking if she was OK. She responded with ...just 'OK'. At 3:05 she texted me and asked if I'd pick her up that she really didn't feel good. I said yep. By the time I got there it was ends at 3:15 so she still has perfect attendance. They call her down and when I see her, her face is white..and I mean snow white. As we leave the school she gets tears in her eyes, because she feels so crappy.
We get home around 4 ( I had to go back to work quickly to finish up a few things) , she goes into her bedroom, gets her jammies on and that's the last I see of her. A few hours later I check on her, she does her usual baby bear growl and moan and goes back to sleep. Sean even calls her his little bear. I checked back in with her at 9:30pm and same thing , a little growl and that's it. She slept from 4:30pm Tuesday night until 7am Wednesday morning.
She didn't feel the best, but she was better.
By Wednesday night, she ate two helpings of dinner, and had few fudge-o cookies.
This kid is amazing. I told my mom, if I was as sick as she had been, I would have NEVER went to work. I'm so proud of her, and I've told her. If more of our youth had her determination our world would be SUCH a better place!!!!
Keep Smilin'

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekends are simply the best!!

For most it's because we don't have to work, and yes I guess that's part of it, but for me it's because Sean is home :) He got home yesterday morning around 10:30am and we are now parking his tractor at our friends place just a few minutes from where we live. We went over yesterday, went in and started chatting then we stayed until about 1:30 in the morning. We were looking after our grandson Noah , so I had Krystal bring him to Dayle and Kevin's. We had lunch and dinner, and boy did we talk...about just about everything. It was really a lot of fun. We had a bit of a blizzard all evening, but I drove home in it and was pretty proud of myself for being able to do that actually.
Noah was really good. He's now on a bottle, which is so much easier for the rest of us to look after him. He's so darn cute! We put him to bed at Dayle and Kevin's, woke him up , had to play a bit wit him. Grandpa talked like Donald Duck to him, and the smile on his face was huge! Put him back to bed I think around 2am. He woke up at 3:30, I put him in bed with us (I was exhausted!) and he slept until 8:30 this morning!
Sean is now trying to fix our has air suspension and the air bag is leaking so it won't hold the air. It's an awful bouncy ride without suspension, so he's working on putting regular springs into it. We weren't going to both fixing it, but we can't leave it for a couple of months like this, and that's when I'll likely be able to drive our little pick up again, once the snow is gone. The plan is to buy a new or new to us pick up truck in the spring if we can.
I also plan on being caught up with our bills by the end of February so we will be right back on track, to where we were when Sean got hurt over 3 years ago!
Well I finally figured out how the Cuttlebug works. I've been frustrated with it for over a week. The stupid thing is, I've had it since last May but didn't do anything with it except remove it from the box and put it into storage. Finally pulled it out, and with some perseverance, I figured out how to use it. I am looking forward to using it more often. I wish I could have it out all the time, but just isn't room to do that. I'm still in just a wee corner of our unfinished basement.
I've started to scrap more, I'd like to start making more cards too, maybe try and sell some , who knows.
I'm also going to work seriously on my mortgage business. I did another one for a friend that closed last Tuesday! I'm so pumped when I get someone interested, it's just too bad they are few and far between at this point, but everything takes time.
Anyway, gotta run, it's 6:30pm and I think my dinner (barbecued ribs) should soon be done
have a great evening
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, January 19, 2012

*Warning* Vent enclosed

So, I'm sure most of you remember the 60km walk I did last September to benefit the Princess Margaret Hospital. I walked with a friend Nicole and together we raised about $4500. They had sign ups for 2012 at that walk with a registration fee of only $10. We paid a $50 registration fee last year so we both signed up. Nicole said she started this with me and would always continue to walk with me, regardless of who signed up.
Then I'm pretty sure I mentioned I had a couple of friends, both in their 40's pass away from Cancer, one in November and one in December. Well the one in November was a former family member (My first husband was her cousin) She'd battled cancer for 12 years and passed away at 41 years old. She didn't have a 'women's cancer, she had a tumor in her stomach originally, that spread to her liver and lungs in the end. Anyway, while at her funeral, they played the Martina McBride song "I'm gonna love you through it" which is a song written by a guy for his mother in law who battled breast cancer. The entire song is amazing and actually brought tears to both mine and Sean's eyes. It's sooooo close to me except for the age of the woman, and the outcome of her surgery,but everything is is bang on. Anyway, I found it sort of inappropriate at Jen's funeral because Jen didn't have breast cancer. Someone even whispered behind me while the song played about how Jen didn't have breast cancer, why would they play that song.
Here's a link to the song in case you haven't heard it
Anyway, Jen's sister, sister in law and family friend have all signed up to do the walk this year. That's fine, I'm glad, it's more money for an amazing hospital that helped save my life as well as countless others. I sort of wondered why when the sister joined , she didn't join my 'team' but thought, no big deal. I read the sister's welcome page on the end cancer site, and she has said she's walking in memory of her sister. I found this a little odd, since Jen didn't have a women's cancer but whatever...carry on.
When Nicole and I signed up for this coming year, we'd said we'd love to raise $5000 each, as this year is the 10th year for the walk, and we thought it would be cool to raise $10 000 as a team.
Today I received a text message from Nicole stating that last year she walked with me FOR me and this year she'd like to walk with the sister in memory of Jen. I was sort of stunned, I mean seriously? I said "um, ok" then she asked me if I was going to as well. I said "what? Walk in memory of Jen" she said "yes" I didn't respond right away, I was still a little stunned. I guess she forgot what she'd said about always walking with me. So, I responded saying that I would NOT be walking in memory of Jen, that this was still a very big part of my life and it's still not over and never will be. I said that I didn't think it made sense to walk in memory of someone who didn't have any of the cancers that this walk benefits and that there were plenty of other walks and runs that benefit general cancers.
Well, I guess I've ticked her off, as her only response was " honestly I can't even comment and that's probably best"
So, I need your opinions...was I wrong in what I said? I talked with another friend today and she totally agrees with me. I said I wasn't sure why this is bugging me so much, and she said likely because I've been through it, I'm still going through it.
Maybe it's silly, but to have Nicole bail on me, to be able to walk for someone that didn't have one of the cancers this walk is for, really upset me.
I called Sean and spoke to him, he offered to walk with me this year. I don't think he'd be able to with his back, but he said he'd start walking on the treadmill. I really love that man!!!
Anyway, vent over, maybe I'm over reacting, I'll get over it.
Thanks for reading
Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Difference A Year Can Make

I found the top picture on my computer, and thought Wow, what a change.It was taken January 2011 so I had Sean take a picture of me this week, one year later.
It's almost shocking!!!

I need my hair trimmed badly , but I wanted to share this. I'm going to scrapbook both these pictures together!
Have a great night

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Results Are In.........

Ok, so before I tell you what they are, I'll tell you how it went. I called the surgeon's office last Monday. I left word that I was wondering if there were any results and the assistant said yes, she did have them, and that the doc would call me either today or tomorrow. I left a number where I could be reached, then I waited again. Well Monday came and went, so did Tuesday. So, Wednesday I waited until lunch time but just couldn't wait any longer. I called the office and got the assistant again. She said to wait a moment, that I was on her To Do list , and that she was to call me. She went and got my file....... a few seconds seemed to take forever!

Mary Rose came back and said " Everything is NORMAL" I swear it instantly felt like a HUGE weight was just lifted off my shoulders. I felt so awesome, I was even borderline hyper all afternoon!!

Thanks for all your good wishes and positive thoughts...they definitely helped!!
Next mammogram--April 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Far Would You Go?

So, Thursday evening, Reece was at her friends ( I dropped her off on my way to work Thursday morning) I worked until almost closing because I had no one to come home to. Sean was on his way back to Mississauga from Sudbury, but we had no idea what he'd be doing after that. The company has slowed down, and will for approx 3 weeks, typical January after Christmas. I got home, ate a chicken breast I had in the fridge. Sean said he'd call when he got to the yard, which he did, at about 7:45pm. He says they don't have a load for him that night...did I want to come spend the night with him. OH MY, I was so excited, I still get butterflies in my tummy when I know I'm going to see him. Funny thing is, we've been together for almost 18 years!
I grabbed a change of clothes and jumped in my truck and headed to Mississauga. From our place it's just over an hour.
We went to get something to eat, 1/2 price wing night at Kelsey's ...had a couple beers, since he wasn't driving it wasn't an issue. It was a totally awesome evening. It almost felt like we were teenagers on a date. Remember way back when you first started going out with your significant other, or a boyfriend you once had. You'd do almost anything to see them , well that's how I still feel about Sean. Sounds corny maybe, but I wish everyone could feel this way!!!
How far would you go to see your man??? I've done this a few times, even if just a few minutes. I think some people think I'm nuts, but I don't think so!
So, since I don't work Fridays, I wasn't in a rush to leave. I spent the entire day in Mississauga with Sean. He had to take his truck over to a place to get the APU fixed. That's the unit that heats his bunk. I met him there, and we just wondered around Costco to kill time. We had to find a Staples too, so I could fax papers for a mortgage I'm doing to the office which took some time too. If I hadn't of been there he would have had to sit in the lounge waiting on his truck. It wasn't ready until 4:30 , he dropped it off at 11:30! The dispatcher in Mississauga, both the day shift and afternoon shift are friends of ours, so we chatted with them for a bit. Went on a coffee run for the dispatchers and the security guard. It was just a fun day. We found out once his truck was done that they weren't sending him back out until Monday, so we could go home. He took the truck home, so I followed him out of the city, stopped in Shelburne to pick Reece up and then came home. It was just one of those days that everything is unplanned, a play by ear kind of day.
Today has been a fairly lazy day too. We did a bit of grocery shopping, had to meet up with the broker in my office to give her a couple documents then home. We have a 10lb chicken on our barbecue and I'm watching Reece play WII. I'm trying not to think about the MRI results. I have a feeling that everything is fine, but still in the back of my mind I have to be realistic and realize that there could be a problem. Hopefully this week I'll know!
We have no plans for tomorrow, just one of those days!!
Have a great weekend!!
Keep Smilin'

Friday, January 6, 2012


OK Ladies ( and gents if there are any)
From January 20 - 22 SCRAP~TURES is holding an online crop to get the year
started off on the right foot.
You will have until Wednesday January 25th to get your layouts uploaded to our gallery.
It's going to be lots of fun, lots of challenges, a few games thrown in for good measure.
Even if you aren't a member of our site, sign up know, and join in the fun!!!
See You there

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hurry Up & Wait...again

Today was MRI day. One would think that with all the technology, those darn things would be comfortable to lay in for half an hour. For anyone that has had one, breast MRI's are different. You don't get to lay on your back and just relax. You have to lay on your stomach for half an hour, your hands above your head but not touching each other. Your boobs are hanging in two holes and your breast bone is laying on a hard metal piece of the machine. Sure, they have a piece of foam on there to cushion it somewhat, but it's like laying on a blanket on a cement floor, doesn't really do much..know what I mean LOL
The technician was a sweet girl, I get into position , then she says "I have to touch your breasts to make sure they are in the right position. Don't worry, there is no pinching or squeezing, just moving them slightly, but my hands are cold". I seriously laughed out loud. I've had so many mammograms that another pinch or squeeze is nothing!
I'm tough and so are my breasts!!
Breasts of STEELE
(that's my last name, in case some of you didn't know ;) )
By the time the MRI was done, both my hands and wrists were 'asleep' What a weird feeling!
So now it's a waiting game. I'm giving the doc a week, then I'm calling. I think the biggest fault I have is NO PATIENCE!!
Heading to bed, have a great night all!
Keep Smilin'

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back To Routine..

The holidays are over and now it's time to get back to normal. Sean left a couple of hours ago for his week. He's headed to Pennsylvania. Hopefully the weather is a bit nicer there then here. It was nice to spend so much time with him over the holidays but now it's back to reality and back to trying to get on our feet.
It's also time to get back to losing the weight I so need to lose. I quite enjoyed the last couple of weeks with food, wine , beer and chocolate but now it's time to get down to business LOL
I've actually started a layout today, if you can believe that. It's been forever. I issued a challenge over at Scrap~tures so I figured I'd better get my example done.
If any of you are looking for someplace to hang out, we'd love to have you join us!!
Well, back to the craft room...have a great day! Hopefully the weather isn't too bad where you are!
ONLY 78 days until spring ;)
Keep Smilin'

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 ~ A New Year~

I'm back :) I took your comments into consideration and you are all right...I need to not worry about the effect my posts have on others, they are my feelings and thoughts , so why hide them!!
2012 is a new year, a year full of possibilities, a year full of change and growth
I go for my MRI in 4 days..January 4th at 9:30 am at Mt Sinai in Toronto. I'm very positive that there is nothing wrong, and that they will discover that everything is fine and I'm still 100% cancer free.
This year is going to be about getting ourselves back on track financially. With Sean back to work, it should be fairly easy to do. Christmas of course took it's toll, so now with that out of the way, I can concentrate on getting our bills cleaned up, then work on paying back my parents.
I'm still a member of Weight Watchers, and to date have lost 32 lbs. I have aprox 25 more lbs to go. My goal is to have it gone by June. I plan to walk a lot more on the treadmill to achieve this goal.
I also plan to scrap more. I have lots of supplies begging to be used and lots of pictures needing to be scrapped.
We are also going to get this house fixed up like we intended 5 (almost 6) years ago when we purchased the house. The basement needs to be finished, the upstairs hardwood floors need to be sanded and re sealed. The outside of the house needs to be presssure washed and resealed too.
It's going to be a busy year, but a good one (providing my tests all come back ok!! )
Thanks to each and every one of you that wanted to see me continue with my blog. Thanks to my husband for standing by me through everything. You guys are all awesome and I'm totally grateful for having you in my life!!
Keep Smilin'