Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Difference A Year Can Make

I found the top picture on my computer, and thought Wow, what a change.It was taken January 2011 so I had Sean take a picture of me this week, one year later.
It's almost shocking!!!

I need my hair trimmed badly , but I wanted to share this. I'm going to scrapbook both these pictures together!
Have a great night


Michelle said...

Hope you are doing well and having a good week. Sean home or out on the road... hopefully home for a bit.

Just 'T' said...

Hey Michelle

Sean is about 5 hours from Thunder Bay which is 16 hours away from me LOL..so quite far. Hopefully he won't run into any bad weather! Then he's headed to Indiana :)

Suzanne said...

You're a pretty lady T!

Just 'T' said...

ahhh, thanks Suzanne :)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome!