Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hurry Up & Wait...again

Today was MRI day. One would think that with all the technology, those darn things would be comfortable to lay in for half an hour. For anyone that has had one, breast MRI's are different. You don't get to lay on your back and just relax. You have to lay on your stomach for half an hour, your hands above your head but not touching each other. Your boobs are hanging in two holes and your breast bone is laying on a hard metal piece of the machine. Sure, they have a piece of foam on there to cushion it somewhat, but it's like laying on a blanket on a cement floor, doesn't really do much..know what I mean LOL
The technician was a sweet girl, I get into position , then she says "I have to touch your breasts to make sure they are in the right position. Don't worry, there is no pinching or squeezing, just moving them slightly, but my hands are cold". I seriously laughed out loud. I've had so many mammograms that another pinch or squeeze is nothing!
I'm tough and so are my breasts!!
Breasts of STEELE
(that's my last name, in case some of you didn't know ;) )
By the time the MRI was done, both my hands and wrists were 'asleep' What a weird feeling!
So now it's a waiting game. I'm giving the doc a week, then I'm calling. I think the biggest fault I have is NO PATIENCE!!
Heading to bed, have a great night all!
Keep Smilin'

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Michelle said...

I think my arms would be asleep and screaming!! I can't sleep with my arms above my head. If I do, when I move, they hurt! I can't imagine all that you have been through... I sure hope that they call you soon with the results so you don't have to wonder and worry. Try and have a good weekend.