Thursday, February 9, 2012

What a trooper!!

OK, so we all brag about our kids..but I'm telling you..I have such an incredible 14 year old girl..yep, I said 14. NO she is not a typical teenager. This girl is absolutely amazing. Monday night in the middle of the night Reece woke up twice , sick to her tummy. We have no idea why, she hadn't' been anywhere but home since the Friday afternoon. The last time she was up was 4:30 an the morning. At 6:45am I woke her asking if she was going to school. For anyone who doesn't know, my youngest is in grade 9..her first year of high school. She has never ever missed a day of school since starting 9 1/2 years ago in kindergarten. Her friends have begged her to skip a class, telling her she can't be perfect forever (which by the way, ticks me off that they aren't supportive. They've been her friends for years)
Back to my When I woke her up on Tuesday morning, she said she had a tummy ache. I said maybe it was from being sick a few hours ago. I gave her some Tylenol and she proceeded to get ready for school. Next thing I know, she's running to the bathroom and throwing up again. I told her I think this will be her first day off school but NOPE...she said she felt much better..but could I drive her to school. The bus is way too bouncy. I stopped at the local coffee shop , because I do every morning and buy my mom & dad their coffee as well as my decaf tea. I jokingly asked her if she wanted anything and she said 'chocolate milk' I said' seriously' she said 'yep, if I'm gonna throw up, might as well drink something yummy first' ...the kid cracks me up
I texted her at lunch time, asking if she was OK. She responded with ...just 'OK'. At 3:05 she texted me and asked if I'd pick her up that she really didn't feel good. I said yep. By the time I got there it was ends at 3:15 so she still has perfect attendance. They call her down and when I see her, her face is white..and I mean snow white. As we leave the school she gets tears in her eyes, because she feels so crappy.
We get home around 4 ( I had to go back to work quickly to finish up a few things) , she goes into her bedroom, gets her jammies on and that's the last I see of her. A few hours later I check on her, she does her usual baby bear growl and moan and goes back to sleep. Sean even calls her his little bear. I checked back in with her at 9:30pm and same thing , a little growl and that's it. She slept from 4:30pm Tuesday night until 7am Wednesday morning.
She didn't feel the best, but she was better.
By Wednesday night, she ate two helpings of dinner, and had few fudge-o cookies.
This kid is amazing. I told my mom, if I was as sick as she had been, I would have NEVER went to work. I'm so proud of her, and I've told her. If more of our youth had her determination our world would be SUCH a better place!!!!
Keep Smilin'

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Michelle said...

My daughter is like that. She is a great student and hard worker. And we even call her Little Bear too. She hates it. But we told her she will always be our little bear. Yes, the world would be a better place if the rest of the kids were as good as our girls are.