Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another step in life...

Sean has been a truck driver since August..and it's never been good money but it was a start. Through a bit of a fluke, he's been hired by another company with a significant pay increase. Not that we'll get rich quick or anything, but we might be able to dig ourselves out of our hole a little quicker. The company is closer..and while he won't be able to bring the truck home, they are only 20 minutes from it's not a huge deal. It's more money, more respect..and it just feels good. We are excited..this is gonna be good for us!!!
There hasn't been a lot happening otherwise..we are trying to struggle along with life...for the most part it's all good. We've never let money or the lack of it infiltrate our lives.
I spent Friday night at ScrapFest with Christa. awesome was this. I helped her out when she got busy then I wandered around when she wasn't. She's going next year and I SOOOOOOOO wanna come with her and help even more. It was cool. I wandered around a bit...but I have so much I couldn't given our financial situation even think about buying too much. I did however spend $50 on a cuttlebug die and a cricut cartridge..awesome deals!!
Heading to bed..hope all is blog seems to have falling by the wayside..but it's something I've added to my list of to do's...and with any luck I'll keep this updated.
Keep Smilin'