Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never a dull moment...

So, here I am again....there never seems to be a dull moment, although lately I've been hoping for some. Here's the scoop...
Krystal ( my oldest) is pregnant..due April 2nd. She had a routine NT screening (Nuchal Translucency screening) which measure the amount of fluid on the back of the babies neck. The maximum the doctors want to see is a reading of 3.5 mm...Krystal's baby is 7.2mm. So , they wanted to do more testing, because this type of reading can mean a chromosomal issue such as Downs syndrome or Turners syndrome. There are 5 common chromosomal issues actually. SOOOO we went off to Toronto to North York General to see a geneticist. They did an amniocentesis to test the baby for different issues. They immediately test for the 5 most common and in two days called her to say it wasn't one of those. That was the first bit of good news. Then they sent her for an echo cardiogram of the baby's heart at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto as this type of reading could also have meant a congenital heart defect. That test we went for on Monday, and were told that even though it's a couple weeks earlier then what they'd like to do this test, everything with the babies heart looks good, no defect but they've scheduled her for another echo of the baby's heart on November 5th, because the baby will be that much bigger so they'll get a better look. In the mean time, the genetics department continue to test the amniotic fluid for other chromosome issues. We had an appointment today to get the results of that. What they've found is that there is a partial deletion to chromosome 7 so today her and the baby's daddy had to get a blood test to see if either of them also have the deletion in the 7th chromosome. They are also sending her amniotic fluid to a place in Seattle Washington for extensive testing. Basically how they described it to us today was, that if you look at your chromosomes like an encyclopedia, some could be missing half, or some might just have a few pages missing. This baby has a few pages missing ( which means gene's) so hopefully the place in Seattle will be able to test to see 'What pages are missing' which will hopefully tell us what exactly the issue is with the baby. It could still be normal, but because her initial reading was 7.5mm, they are quite concerned. We are still hoping for the best. The 'pages missing' could be anything from normal to a slight learning disability, to something much more serious.
OH, and without a doubt it's another boy so we are really hoping it's nothing to serious.

Krystal also had tummy cramps yesterday which she found out were caused by a kidney infection which can be quite serious too, so she's on antibiotics for that but has to be careful and take it easy, but with Noah, at 17 months and full of piss and vinegar LOL that's hard to do. He's such a good baby, but busy...and smart. She took him for his first eye checkup and the optician was amazed at his hand eye coordination. If he sees a piece of paper, and you tell him to put it into the garbage he will. Krystal was telling me today, that he saw money on the table at her place, so he grabbed it, crumpled it up and toss it in the trash LOL
If you tell him to put something back where he got it he does. He's such a doll!

It also appears that I've lost a couple friends this week, although I use the term friend loosely. I've known these ladies for over 10 years. We met online through scrapbooking and have met quite a few times in person to do all weekend crops. We've also met here and there just for short visits if the opportunity presented itself. Well, there was a complete misunderstanding a couple years ago with one of these ladies who read something on my blog, took it upon herself to think I was referring to her. I told her it had nothing to do with her, she told me flat out she didn't believe me and that was that. Ok, so c'est la vie....things happen. I have continued to be friends with the rest of the group. Well this past weekend, these ladies all got together at the first ladies house (the one that misinterpreted the blog post) I'm happy for them. Since Sean started trucking, I don't make too many weekend plans, because that's basically the only time I get to see him. For years I've heard these ladies say how glad they are to be away from their husbands and kids for a weekend, I'm not the same. I relish the time I have. I thought they understood. We could go months without any actual communication but we were all friends on facebook so I'd see updates every now and then and I'm sure they would see mine. Well, this past weekend two of these 'friends' deleted me from Facebook. Now as childish as that seems, I did contact them both to ask why. One explanation was that 'were we really friends to begin with' and the other was that I haven't personally contacted this person in that deems us not friends. The last person has my sister on facebook as well as a couple scrapbook celebrities...both of which I know she's not had contact with in months, years if ever but yet, I'm the one she chooses to delete. My new saying C'est La Vie. It does still amaze me that at 40+ years that these ladies are they still act like immature teenagers. Funny, the communication highway I thought went both ways but apparently not. Neither of these ladies sent me messages when Sean broke his hip which I'm sure they must have noticed on their stories, I don't buy them. I think about all that I've been through, all Sean's been through and all Krystal is still going through and I'm grateful to have my family and my real true friends..not phony friends. I have friends on facebook that I've never met, only online through scrapbooking and they are obviously my friends without conditions...and that's just the way I like it!!

Reece went to visit a friend tonight that's in the hospital. Sad really, she's 15 years old and swallowed some pills wanting to end her life. Had dad found her and she was givin the charcoal to difuse the pills. I just don't get how someone at that age can think their life isn't worth living, but I guess it happens. She has just arrived home, so I'm going to go and chat with her now, see what she's thinking and how she's feeling.

Have a great night :)

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

Hey Therese.. I hope all ends up turning out well for the new baby. Before my oldest was born, she had fluid in the 4 ventricles in the brain. She was considered a water head baby before birth. Ended up clearing up and didn't even show up on scans after she was born. I know how scary that stuff can be. Truly do hope all is ok!!!

I too like to spend my weekends with my kids and hubby. I am not one for going to retreats and things. That is childish to delete someone, especially being you did get together. I am finding out that people, women especially, never really get out of those childish cliques. A huge bunch of BS, just dumb crap going on where I live. I got so fed up of it, I just walked away and don't talk to anyone. Thing is they have started rumors of things I have allegedly said about others... hard to do when I don't talk to anyone. Lot of the phoney facades. I can't stand that. Don't pretend to be my friend when you have an audience, but when there is nobody around, act like I don't exist when you see me. Like I said, just stupid crap.

How are you doing otherwise?? How are the kids and Sean??

Just 'T' said...

Hey , as for everything else it's great thankfully :) you truly learn to count your blessings :) you are so right , woman are aweful , one would think we'd stick together , seems silly but tis what it is. They can't all be awesome like us!!

VaryScrappy said...

T, you know that I am always here for you & am just a phone call away if you need to chat! <3

Just 'T' said...

Yep and it's the real friends that I have that I'm grateful for :)

Jenn said...
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