Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back Again - Did ya miss me?

Guess who? Yep, I'm back again. I'm hardly ever on my computer and typing out large posts on my phone is a pain in the butt...but I have time today to post from work so here I am.

Krystal is no longer pregnant :( There were just too many issues and complications with regards to genetics so she chose to end the pregnancy. The baby wouldn't have had any quality of life :( We found out through testing he would be missing 127 genes :( It's so sad...and something I don't ever wish on anyone. Because of how far along she was she had to be induced and delivery a stillborn. It was a long night, I stayed with her in the hospital. So sad :(

Remember the story about the friends of ours that no longer talk to us because she was unfaithful? Well they still don't. I guess the friendship is officially over. I sent Kevin a text message, but didn't get a response, then I sent Dayle one and didn't get a response their either. That's ok...I gave it my best shot. I'm not sure how not talking to us will prevent her from screwing around on him again...after all this isn't the first time she's done it with the same guy. She should consider herself lucky that Kevin loves her that much to stick by her. Must be tough with him being a truck driver but I guess they are making it work. All things happen for a reason and I guess sometimes you just have to accept that there wasn't a friendship there in the first place. Too bad really, Dayle and I have known each other since high school.

2013 is going to be an awesome year...I can feel it. Sean and I are finally working on our house, getting the renovations started. I think shortly after Christmas we will buy the flooring for the kitchen and get that done. We are finally getting back on track financially too. I have my yearly mammogram scheduled for April and just a couple weeks ago we finally got a new doctor, only 20 minutes from home and he's awesome. Reece and I met him and both really like him. I think he's dutch but so down to earth.

Christmas is sooooooo close, and I'm excited. I'm almost done my shopping, with any luck I'll be done in the next few days. I know pretty much what I have to get, just a matter of getting it. Noah is going to be so much fun this year. He's such a smart kid, picks up on everything and watches everything around him. I can't wait for the photo op's!

Well, gotta run...

Keep Smilin'