Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Year, A New Start?

Here we are at 2013 (remember when the world was supposed to end in the year 2000) , I had high hopes for this year but so far it hasn't started out very well. On January 1st, Krystal went skiing with her boyfriend and when they went to leave the resort , she noticed that someone had hit her back bumper in the parking lot and cracked it from one side to the other.

One week later, someone pulled out in front of my son Jesse and totalled his car. The other guy was found at fault and charged, but both air bags deployed and there was front end damage to my son's 2005 Grand Prix so the insurance company wrote it off..he was so upset :( . It's hard being a mom and not being able to fix what still upsets your kids.

On January 7th my father in law (who is also a trucker) left for a two week trip to British Columbia and back. He said he ran into some of the worse weather he's ever driven in. He was stuck in a few places due to closed roads. He made it back on January 21st, and was 3 blocks from his yard in Thornbury when a 17 year old girl pulled out in front of him in a Volkswagen Jetta. She didn't give him 20 feet in front of his truck when she pulled out. We think she ran the stop sign but no one is sure. His truck ended up in the ditch, the load of hydro poles broke free and some slide past his cab. He had a 'headache rack' on his truck which stopped the poles from penetrating the bunk and cab. The truck is a write off, but thankfully my father in law is ok. Lots of bruising and cuts but he's ok..and that's what matters. The little twerp in the car was lucky she wasn't killed. Last we heard her dad wants to sue my father in laws company for pain and suffering even though she was charged and found at fault. We'll see how that flies but then again..insurance companies rarely do anything the way we think it should be done.

A week ago poor Noah got a gastro/intestinal bug and was pretty sick for a few days. He was however sweet enough to pass it on to his mother , his uncle , and two family friends. Everyone seems to be on the mend now though thank goodness.

Jesse's dad gave him a pick up truck , a Ford F-250 which he's super happy about. The money the insurance company paid for Jesse's car went toward the loan owing so it seems to have all worked out, funny how that is.

Well , I'm outta here for now :) lets hope or health and happiness from this point on!

Keep smilin'