Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey How's things?

I've been so slack in coming here, but I'd like to get back to it. Feels good to write down what's going on and how I feel.

Things are good for the most part. My sisters mother in law has lung cancer and the treatments have stopped working , it's stage 4. She's still managing to do things around the house but we all now what's coming. My father in law had prostate cancer before I had breast cancer and everythings been good. He went for a CT of his abdomen last week as part of a check up and the CT caught the bottom part of his lungs where nodes were detected. He went back yesterday for a CT of just his lungs and numerous nodes were found, worse in the right lung so now he's being booked with specialists. It could either be inflammation or tumors. We are all definitely praying for inflammation. He's not been feeling well and has no appetite so this has Sean and I very worried. Hopefully we'll know soon what's going on so we can go from there.

I go for my check up next month and I'm positive it's all good. 2013 hasn't proved to be very good health wise for quite a few people I know so I'm hoping that changes.

I've been doing some purging and I gotta say, it sure feels good. I started with my contacts in my cell phone. It's funny how many can accumulate that you never have contact with so voila..gone
Next it was my scrap room. Now, I'm not big on purging unless I REALLY won't use it. If I bought it , even if it was years ago that means I liked it and I'll more then likely still use it. Anything I have come up with I've saved for a friend who works with teenage mom's and gets them to scrapbook which I think is awesome. I have a HUGE and HEAVY container ready for her...just need to make my way to Hamilton to give it to her.

Have you ever been given something by someone and thought that the only reason they did it was for their own self gratification? Well I've had that feeling with a few things so they've been purged too. They don't really mean anything to me and I figure they might as well go to someone else. One being a pink scrapbook album that I was given a couple years ago after I beat cancer. It was a nice gesture but quite frankly the people that gave it to me did it for their own benefit so I removed the pages I had already completed. My son's girlfriend wants to scrap but doesn't have any money to get started so for Christmas  gave her that album and a HUGE pizza box jam packed full of papers and embellishments. WELL was she happy! I love enabling someone else LOL

Sean is still trucking, all is well with him. He's strictly Ontario which makes communication much easier for us. I've went with him a couple times. I love watching him do his job...he suits sitting behind the wheel of that truck. Just last night he was headed to Sudbury so Reece and I jumped in the truck and met him in Barrie for supper. That was awesome! It's the little things that make you happy :) :)

Can you believe my grandson is going to be 2 this May...and my youngest is going to be 16! Where did the time disappear to. Noah is absolutely adorable and such a good boy and is all I can say. She's so mature and it's really fun to be able to have adult conversations with her. She talks to both Sean and I a lot which is awesome. She's pretty cool to be around and the second semester of grade 10 has not missed one single day or class of school EVER!!!

Well, I should go, I've spent the day so far cleaning the house and it's almost done. Next it's into my scrap room as I have a couple layouts I need to get done as well as 100's more!

Keep Smilin'!

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