Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Spring finally here?

Since my last post, less then a month ago, my sisters mother in law has passed. It was quicker then any of us thought :( She's no long in any pain which is good.

My father in law had some tests and it's been determined that he has a very bad case of pneumonia , thank goodness...we all feared the worse. Dean told me once I got cancer, that it'll always be a monkey on your back and boy was he right. Anyone that's had cancer will understand. Before cancer, if you get sick, or an ache or a pain it was nothing, but once you've had cancer, you are always worried that whatever go wrong could possibly be the cancer back. Thankfully in this case that wasn't true.

April 26th is my next check up. I'm confident that all is well..this summer marks 3 years as a survivor!!!! Sean is even coming with me to this appointment. He's missed all of them since becoming a truck driver, but he's been having shoulder issues and had to book the day off to have an ultrasound done on his shoulder, so he's coming with me in the morning...YAYYYYYYY Hopefully we'll get some answers as to his shoulder issue. The doctor thinks it might be a rotater cuff tear..oh joy LOL..never a dull moment.

Hope wherever you are, you are getting some nice weather..we've had such a long winter and long spring....the sun has finally started to shine!

Have a great day!!

Keep Smilin'