Friday, February 7, 2014

Where to start , where to start....

wow, I knew it had been a while since I've posted anything, but didn't realize it's almost a year. Hopefully I can get back into this.

Lots has happened in the last year. I'll summarize it up as best I can LOL

In May Sean started trucking with a new company , the same company his dad has worked for, for years. He's flat bedding now so it's more money then just driving hauling a van trailer. He's loving it and gets to see lots of Canada and a bit of Michigan. I've went with him a few times, I try to go every few months. That's usually when we are missing each other a lot so it's nice to spend an entire week together.

My first  trip with him was a load headed for Calgary and it was replacement arena boards for the Saddledome to repair it after the huge flood. What a rewarding load to deliver. We pulled in and every single construction worker was happy we'd made it!

I just went with him a couple weeks ago, and boy what a trip. We headed to Calgary with our first drop. Once unloaded we were to go to Galloway BC which is just 3 hours from Calgary to pick up a load of hydro poles. I've officially been to all western provinces and as far east as Quebec. Anyway, we left Galloway and approximately  55 km's east our truck went BANG, SHAKE SHAKE ...holy cow scared me half to death LOL , Sean pulled over immediately. Luckily there was a widening in the road, because when driving in the mountains there are few places to pull over. We had cell service too which later were were informed that that's a very small stretch of road that Rogers Cell service will work. Sean called his boss after checking out the truck and it looked like the transmission blew. So the boss got in touch with a local garage and the owner came out and picked us up and took us to the local motel. It was a nice place (the boss paid for it too! ) with a lounge and restaurant. It was in Sparwood BC. Sparwood is a mining town , very cute quaint little spot. The garage went out the next day and picked up Sean's truck and trailer and brought it into town. Sparwood was 13kms from where the truck broke down.

We found out the next day that the boss wanted Sean's truck 'floated' home to be fixed rather then getting it fixed out west. That meant he was going to bus us to Lethbridge Alberta, then fly us from Lethbridge to Toronto. Wow, like I said what a trip. So, our flight out of Lethbridge was scheduled for 1:15pm on the Friday. The catch was that the only bus that came through Sparwood was at 1:40am. So we got up, went to the bus stop at 1:10 am to be sure we wouldn't miss it. We waiting until 2:30am and still no bus. We started to walk back to the hotel (which we'd already checked out of) when we saw an RCMP officer. Sean went over and asked if he knew when the bus came. The officer contacted dispatch and the dispatch lady said it came at 3:15am not 1:40am. She'd lived there for 38 years so the officer said she'd be the one who would know. So we walked back to the hotel to grab a coffee because we were totally frozen at this point. We figured we'd walk back to the bus stop for 3am to be safe. We were told by hotel staff that if you aren't waiting at the bus stop the bus won't even stop, just keeps driving. We were just about to walk out the door at 2:50 when bus came flying into town. Sean started running to try and catch the bus but no luck. what.

We walked back into the hotel and told the night girl that yep, we missed it for sure that time. She said it's happened before. The bus ride was supposed to cost us $100 bucks so Sean says to her " got any friends that wanna make a quick $100 bucks and drive us to Lethbridge (2 hours away) or do  you wanna make $100 bucks" . Well she thought about it for a second and says "I'll drive you"...we were shocked. I mean really, she doesn't know us at all but man were we ever grateful. She says " I'll give you my number in case I sleep in, I get off at 7am and need a couple hours sleep but I'll be here at 9:15 to pick you up" She then gave us back our room so we could get a couple hours sleep.She handed me the piece of paper with her number on it and we went back upstairs to our room.

When we get into the room I look at the piece of paper and my mouth dropped. Her name was .....ready for this....ANGEL!!! How awesome is that.

We met Angel at 9am and off we went. She drove us right to the Lethbridge airport with lots of time to spare. We paid her the $100 bucks , gave her a hug and thanked  her for being our 'guardian angel' LOL

We were headed home....BUT...we land in Toronto to one of the worst storms ever. Sean's mom and dad were supposed to meet us to pick us up but nope, they couldn't get to us because of all the roads being closed. Sean's aunt lives in Mississauga so she agreed to pick us up thankfully. We ended up spending two days stranded in Mississauga at Aunt Shelly's place but we were warm, and fed well!

Sunday we headed out and met up with Sean's mom and dad in Orangeville , and they took us up to the yard to get our pickup truck. We got home around 6pm Sunday night. Like I said what a trip!!!!!

We are also grandparents again to a beautiful little girl AVA. She was born October 18th, 2013, almost 4 weeks early. Hard to believe I am a grandma let alone to two. Krystal is also pregnant, with a healthy baby girl and is due in March so I'll soon have 3 grand kids.

Anyway, I think this post is big enough LOL so I'll sign off now. Must get something accomplished!

Keep Smilin'